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Oldeath – Rise from Majestic Darkness (2020)

Release date: November 11th, 2020
Label: Oratorivm Records

After last years very impressive debut demo (Born Between All Death) the band is back with its debut full length with all new material, so lets get into this ritual.

As from the opening with this macabreish sounding organ on Misanthropic Faith, this goes off right from the start, the vocals are old school without a question but what really stands out here is the music this is heavy with class well arranged with some great catchy leads so very impressive start.

And one thing I will point out is this has all kinds of tempo changes through out as you can hear on the next track Winds of Funeral, this the perfect example of what your going to get for the rest of the album but whats good is that it all blends in just perfect.

As this went along it gets even better as the flow of the whole thing is something that needs to be heard the musicianship on here is top notch! as all the tracks have there own special appeal to them, to me its one of those albums you can play over and over and always find something new.

In closing I will this is an excellent debut! this band kills! a superb debut that will destroy the masses, not a dull moment from start to finish, good work lads.

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Negative Or Nothing – Drowned (2020)

Negative Or Nothing
Release date: October 28th, 2020
Label: Careless Records

Here is an interesting piece of Black Metal the band sent me, this being the bands second full length, I dug into it and this isn’t bad at all.

From the opening track VMBRA you can hear these chaotic vocals that go with this fast dark vibe and as the pace slows it gets even more dark but it builds up as it goes as the track has a lot of great points in it as it keeps the listener tuned in, a strong opener.

One thing that really caught my ear to this point is there is some killer riffage on here, Animadversio is a bit more different as it has more of a dark feeling to it but it carries well with the flow of things and shows another side of the band.

And it continues on Insomnvs, this is even more out there with this hypnotic riff that covers most of the track, it takes you on a ride as it has some great hooks to it even as it has this total change at the end it still delivers the punch.

Anomia is just some dark evil sounds that lead up to Mersvs. which is chaotic from the screams of hell that appear and then the band goes full out, but with more feeling as a lot of slow depressive mode comes to light as you listen to it.

The closer Intransitive has a more faster pace to it as what the band has delivered earlier is here, and you can hear all kinds of stuff as this is almost 10 minutes long and a good way to end this ritual.

Something you should give a listen to if this is your cup of tea.

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Lux Nigrum – Ars Nigrum: Aur She-Ain Bo Machshavah (2020)

Lux Nigrum
Release date: September 17th, 2020
Label: Nocturnal Silence

A compilation of some of the bands earlier work, If you never heard this bands excellent take on Black Metal this release should be a good start.

As I been following the band its good to have all the material in one place, a very old school vibe on some of these tracks if you want to know how I feel about it.

The progression is heard no doubt and it still has that fresh sound as it goes and the vocals add more as they stand out.
if you like hard driving music this delivers on all cylinders.

Hearing this just reminds me I hope some new material is in the works in the near future.

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Faustian Spirit – Demo (2020)

Faustian Spirit
Release date: October 11th, 2020
Label: Independent

The first offering from this Black Metal unit, a three track demo with a very interesting sound.

As the first track Dissolution of the I, starts out with this keyboard intro it directly goes into chaos and the vocals are very enjoyable as they ain’t all over the place, with more feeling as it goes with a different tempo thrown in it got more interesting but it gets back into the grit as it goes on, A very enjoyable first track.

For me things really started getting better on Acausal Emanation as this comes in more on a heavier note with mid pace feel but after that a more faster feel drives in and the guitar on here sounds excellent! it has this great vibe to it, and near the end it gets even better as the riffage is so catchy and still insane but in its own special way.

Sinister Path breaks out with that old school feel to it and this one has a lot of flare to it as well the pounding is there for certain, but what I love on here is the guitar technics that are all over the place, and a great closer to this.

This has a lot of promise as you can hear these guys know what they are doing, something to look out for in the future no doubt.

Ancalagoth – Demo (2020)

Release date: June 28th, 2020
Label: Independent

A Black Metal band that was founded in 2012 and this is their first demo and with a interesting name as it relates to the greatest Dragon and the cover shows it.

It opens up with a spoken intro that sounds a calling for the beast himself as you hear its roar at the end as it goes into Ancalagoth and this has nice raw production to it, the track is pretty catchy as it comes in crashing from the start, the vocals are as good as well, sung in Spanish and the guitar could of been a bit louder but still is listenable, a good start.

And it gets better on Promaucaes as it has this really dark sounding riff as it begins that rolls through out the track but here the guitar lead really stands out and gave it more feeling not bad.

Canto a Lucifer, well here things really change as this is really slow, a whole new dimension to the band and the lead in here is what actually saved it as it goes into Angfalast and they are back to the good fast shit with the calling of the beast is felt as he keeps yelling it out.

The closer En mi fría tumba is interesting as it starts with this eerie sounding guitar that sets the mood of the title and then the band kicks in to this hard driving force and the vocals are pretty much clear here and you can get the feeling and there is a great hook in here as well that showed this band has potential and ends with the same guitar intro.

Only question I have is why they took so long to put something out as this isn’t bad at all, and I checked and seen they have taken all their social media pages down, so who knows what is installed for the future with these guys, at least its on Bandcamp and you can get it for free.

Asvddhasrti – Disembodiment (2020)

Release date: July 25th, 2020
Label: Independent

A one man project of some Black/Death Metal and learned this was written last year, but it finally was produced the way it should be.

And only two tracks and as Asvddhasrti the man behind all this proves he knows what he was doing as this is some killer shit from start to finish.

Guide Us to the End of Time is just a brilliant track as it has so many killer hooks to it, tons of black Metal vibes in it and then it pours in this heavy dark death into it, as this might be long but no worries as the break when the bass comes in just grabs you as the drums come in the background and then the blast evasion of the mind, a fucking killer track and the way it ends with the guitar.

Embrace the Purifying Fire the last of the two, well what would you want this track has that certain vibe, really crunchy riff at the beginning but you hear this really atmospheric vibe to it, and then we go insane as it goes into fuck off mode and some killer breaks that will destroy you, a gem of a track.

Hell what can I say this is some killer shit! It might of taken some time for this man to release this, but he nailed it as this is perfect! no fucking around here at all, righteous stuff.

Indoctrinate – Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation in the Temple of Flesh (2020)

Release date: September 25th, 2020
Label: Unholy Prophecies

Indoctrinate rises from the ashes of Sadistik Goathammer and this debut is a crusher.

I was pretty much floored from the first take I heard this, N.A.G.I.T.H.A. opens it up and you knew you where in for treat as if you like old school shit this takes you back to that time, as it gave me that old Grave feeling from when I first heard it.

And it continues through the whole album, with some smashing heavy slow parts that will melt your face off just listen to Antediluvian Experiencia (Celebrate in Profane Exaltation) this will annihilate your ass.

Every track on here kills, well written tracks not a bad moment through the whole thing, great production, excellent vocals, one of the best albums of the year, this is a must have. Get it while you can only 1000 copies available.

Hexerei / Cold Darkness – Hexed Winds of Darkness (2020) Split

Hexerei/Cold Darkness
Release date: April 9th, 2020
Label: Infernal Death Productions

Here is an interesting split of two new bands on the scene, this was my first time hearing these two with Hexerei (Black/Death) compared to Cold Darkeness (Black), four tracks from each band.

Hexerei opens up with Black Flame and from the get go this comes out with a rage and the sound reminded me of something like Aura Noir, etc. and even with the slower part as it gets into the chorus this track is a good opener and I was into this from the start.

This next track The Supreme Evil is a bit different with more tempo changes but its very powerful as it has its own character to it and it does kill and will mention the vocals that are heard here are just right, a short to the point track.

Darkened Night of Ritual is a bit longer and breaks out to kill and later a slower tempo comes in to make this quite a bit different but still has a driving end that should please anybody as we go into the closer Legions, and this one is a killer closer as I really like the lyrics on this one and its catchy, as all the ingredients the band has shown are here, so a good closer for this side.

So onto Cold Darkness and with a dark growl to start on Over the South Covered in Blood this you can tell is more on the Black side, the vocals and riffage prove it and not that raw type BM more with catchy hooks thrown in, a good start with lots of anger in the lyrics.

And The Embrace of Satan comes out with a roar with total speed crushing before a mid tempo change and more raging, a short track that has a lot of flare to it, as we go into Cold Darkness and this is the track that really stood out as the drums on here are fucking excellent! and this is just pure evil with a splendid drive that really grabbed me, a top notch track.

Outro closes it out, a short instrumental that ends this on a high note.

I did some research on both these bands and both have previous releases and Cold Darkness has a full length but impossible to find at this point, I dig both bands as this split really has some great tracks that never got dull, I admit nothing ground breaking but what both bands deliver here is something I always liked, so a thumbs up for a good release.

Cold Darkness
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To Death – Perpetual Gloom (2020)

To Death
Release date: Sep 5, 2020
Label: Independent

Here we have this new 2 piece Black/Death band from Santiago and this being the bands debut EP, I looked them up and seen they are a two piece band and one being member of the band Crypter, and that band made my top list last year so I had to check this out.

Tánatos opens this up its a short dark guitar intro that sets the mood for the darkness to come and Merciless comes in and this has the typical sound described and it has a good drive, the vocals are pretty sick to boot, if they are using a drum machine you really can’t tell but the lead in here really added to the whole thing, not a bad start.

This next one Invocation has a whole new life and more extreme as its on fire from the start with a midtempo riff thrown in half way through this got even better and then goes off into a chaotic mind crusher for an ending, good shit!

And it gets even better on To Death as this is catchy as the vocals laying the title down will grab you and then it slows down midway and here it got a whole new vibe to it but when it picks up again this is out to kill till the end.

Closing out with In the Pyre and this starts out a bit different than the earlier but its heavy as hell as a full out onslaught is captured here a good ending to this.

For this being the debut there is a lot of promise here for the future as they have what it takes from the sound they deliver, something you might want to check out.

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Gates of Tyrant – Vortex Towards Death (2020)

Gates of Tyrant
Release date: April 8th, 2020
Label: Putrid Cult

Here we have this first full length from this Black Metal band and this debut is something I been wanting to get to for awhile now as this something you need to put an ear to.

With all cylinders ablaze from the opening track, I see these guys have the sound down but for a second there the drums seemed to get lost but they recovered quick as this does rip and a lead provided by “N” (Selbst) ads to the power of the track, so it kept me interested to see what was being offered here.

And Demoniac is just as strong, the vocals are your typical Black Metal type and they come across well here as they sound as good as you can get them, as far as the rest of this track is pretty solid as it got better as it went along.

It really got better on Wishing Death, as the intro is really catchy there is some really killer riffage here and more feeling on this track and breaks that made it quite enjoyable to my ears and the vocals really standout here as well.

Just as the previous The Mystery of Death has that same potion with a superb break that builds the track up and keeps the listener pinned to it, and even more mayhem on Bloodmoon, as this from the beginning has a different feel but a good one as it gave me more of a feeling of taken me on a journey, with some killer breaks that lead to better things, one of the top tracks on here for me.

And to this closer Servant of the Black Flame, and yes this comes out for the kill, a well composed track full of energy as the band is simply out to kill, a torturing lead in here to rip you apart as it flows through with so much power, a brilliant closer to this ritual.

In closing this pretty much kicked my ass as to when it comes to Black Metal releases this year, this is solid as it gets, if this is your thing have a listen it might just hit the spot.

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