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Mortuarial Avshy – Arcano Ente Nocturno (2020)

Mortuarial Avshy
Release date: September 2nd, 2020
Label: Black Candles Prod.

With the exploding Black Metal scene in the country here is a release that came out last year and wanted to expose this band even more as this release is fucking smashing, could of easily made my list of top 20.

This ritual is just a blessing as it has so much feeling to it from the eerie intro Enter!! The Lord of Fateful Domains this blast right into Satan Rides Under the Sign of the Midnight, and this has these great screams in the beginning and the vocals are the screeching type and excellent on here as far as the music goes you get all the good shit here, blasting drums and even a breakdown that adds flare to the track and the spoken part as well and the way the acoustic guitar comes in at the end really drove my mind what this band had produced here.

And for an all out assault Necrotica Ascendencia, this track will crush you as it shows the band has the killer instinct as well, only thing I noticed here the production got a bit to blurred but still rules, Lunar Suicide Act, well here the beginning is dark and slow but then burst into chaos as all cylinders are pushed and a killer break that added to this as they go into another frenzy, a bit different then before but pure black metal no doubt.

So we reach the halfway point and The Horrific Shadows of My Throne is a sweet instrumental as they add the acoustic guitar and is heard mostly through it but near the end the band goes off and it really made this stand out I really liked this composition, and we get back into it on Under the Ruins, this gave me that old school feel by the riffage spewed here, this is heavy as fuck! not really on the fast part but one of those tracks that will stick in your head mainly because of the riffs and has a great punch.

Walking Through the Dismal Path of Obscurity is the longest track on here and its your typical black metal track, has this really cool hook to it as it goes on and halfway in it gets even more deeper as it slows down and you feel the darkness creep in, then a pyschotic vibe leads us out as it goes straight into The Rising Dying Light which like a continuation of the previous, and this has a hell of a heavy pounding feel to it, this is some brutal shit that destroys!

Blackwinds of Pandemic, to finish the ritual off, here the vocals really stood out and the track is one of those that build up as it goes and ends just as your getting into it if you know what I mean.

Only thing that I wish this would be put out on cd as it was released on tape and only 100 copies, which is probably sold out by now.

Aarkanne – De Profundis (2020)

Release date: November 24th, 2020
Label: Into Endless Chaos Records/Ars Negative

The first demo from this one man raw Black Metal project, Three tracks on this ritual.

De Profundis I, and this from the get go goes right to the throat, this is what you want to here when it comes to this genre, the fucking drums are out to kill on here and the riffage will make your hair stand up, this is blazing chaos as good as it gets pure hate at its finest, excellent opener!

And the drive continues on De Profundis II with a different tempo at the start this gets even better as we go on with this really killer possessing riff and gets more intoxicating as it goes as the vocals I will mention on here are just perfect as the screaming is as intense as it can get.

And to close it out De Profundis III, a bit different at the start with a different edge to the vocals is expressed but still has a mighty punch to it as you can hear as this really is crushing as you listen to it, a strong closer.

An excellent debut, great production here, maniacs should give this a listen as this delivers the goods.

Ahorcado – Demo (2021)

Release date: January 18th, 2021
Label: Verdugo 333 Propaganda

Some new Black Metal from this one man project, as listed theres 4 tracks on here.

Sentencia I opens this up and this is gut ripping from the start, really raw and down dirty production as this showed a lot of promise, Condenados I is just some eerie sounding filler that leads into Sentencia II and this one starts out a bit more with a heavier pace before bursting out into madness, really grabbing number to this, it closes with Condenados II, which is basically an outro of a church bell and sounds of people in agony.

A sweet little demo that shows this maniac has the potential to do more and lets hope so in the near future.

Thyasorgvama – Promo MMXX (2021)

Release date: February 3rd, 2021
Label: Verdugo 333 Propaganda

Here is the first demo from this new Black Metal band from Santiago and its only two tracks and one being a Beherit cover.

On Knees Before My Own Shadow the first and original track is fucking good as it has a great sound to it, I wouldn’t call this traditional black metal as it has its own fill to it, I dug it as it has this great guitar sound on here as it grabs you and just the way this flows as it has some really grabbing parts to it and the reason I wanted to get this out there.

The Beherit cover Gates of Nanna does the original good and the sound these guys have is something that catches my ear but would of loved to hear more original material as this has great potential from what is offered here.

Check out the first track below, killer shit!!!

Vel’Har – Letanía I (2020)

Release date: November 25th, 2020
Label: Mahamvantara Arts/Rigor Mortis Productions

A ritual released late last year that needs to be giving a shout out to, the band has a Chilean/German connection as this is a whole band as they are mentioned on the cd and also part of the Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague circle.

The demo has only two tracks plus a intro/outro and some filler between tracks and they add flare to the whole thing as there is nothing boring about it.

Ad portas / Nigredo is the first taste we get here and if you like that raw old vein stuff you might like this as it comes full blast beat in your face but it gets even more interesting as it goes as there are some really grabbing riffs in this composition and the vocals are pretty sick nothing new but just right and some great breaks in here as well, impressive stuff.

Of the two tracks on here Audi, vide, tace… is more interesting as this starts out slow, a part of the band not heard till now but then it hits hard as hell as the torment comes in with no remorse but eventually calms down with this hard filled crushing vibe to it, then a sudden riff rolls in as the band goes off again in glorious form to a hard driven end.

Not a bad demo to show what this band can do, I highly recommend giving it a listen as this is one I want to hear more from.

Maledictum – Sempiterno (2021)

Released: January 13, 2021
Label: Minche Mapu Records

A very interesting release by these Black Metal maniacs as this goes right into it as Abyecto comes at you like a storm of demons as its chaotic as hell as the vocals are pure insanity and the music as well as this has all these insane breaks in it, it took me a few listens to actually get the feeling, but it sunk in after few listens.

It gets better on Yo Sin Ojos as this is completely different but very catchy, the way the vocals are sung on this whole thing might not be for everybody but just listen to the music its fucking insane so many drives as this is all over the place but its really good, a whole new vibe to black metal and the production is perfect as you can hear all the instruments just right.

Roja Demencia is a long track and more laid back in a way but the sound is still there some really wild riffage going on here as this has some breaks that just keep your mind pinned to it as you wait to here what is next and it goes into Sangre del Cosmos a really strong instrumental and the way it was recorded it sounds like it came straight from hell.

And I will mention these guys really write some interesting lyrics as they show on Disyuntiva which is more on the individualism side of things, and this track has more feeling compared to what I heard to this point, lots of breaks that drive this in all kind of ways, more on Océano, the drums on here where the first thing that stuck out but the whole band shines on here as well, its heavy in its own righteous way and the ocean part added in really took this to another level.

The title track Sempiterno is another instrumental that has a great absorbing vibe to it, the bass really shines here as this hypnotic feel is written all over it as we go into the closer, Sé Quién Soy and a really good way to end this as the lyrics are deep as well a solid closer.

Like I mentioned earlier this might not be for everybody as the way the vocals are laid down here but believe me the music is something you have to hear, it really opened my ears, as its insane as it can get, give them a listen.

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Best 20 of 2020

Well after a shit year the only good thing was there was plenty of great releases put out and here are my picks and it wasn’t easy, but Orion for me took the honor just a classic album of pure death thrash but this list has black metal, death metal, death/thrash black/thrash all that good shit!

I basically gathered the best full lengths, EP, Splits and demos, you may ask why I praised some demos in my reviews but didn’t make the list, well maybe how many tracks featured or it was the bands first effort but if you get mentioned here take it as a compliment as I only list bands that I see potential in and get an honorable mention like Hell Possession, Ashakk Xul, Deconsekrated, To Death, etc. and some stuff I can’t even get like the full length from Ares Kult and even contacted the band but told me the label has the rights to the release and can’t even buy a digital copy, pretty fucking sad if that’s the case.

This list was made from what bands sent me and what I could gather on my own as there is a wave of bands out there and I just can’t get to it all, if you have something you think I should listen to just let me know its that simple.
At the bottom is a video of a track from each release so 21 as a split made the cut, cheers!

The List:

Orion – Mysterivm Cosmographicvm
(Iron, Blood and Death Corporation)

Invocation  -Attunement to Death
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

Funeralis – Gateways to Esoteric Light
(Schattenkult Produktionen)

Antagonyze – Echoes from Soul
(Independent/Infernal South Productions)

Oldeath – Rise from Majestic Darkness
(Oratorivm Records/Black Legion Records)

Attacker Bloody Axe – The Axe of Evil Shall Prevail!!!
(Electric Eyes Records)

Thirsty Demon – Unconscious Suicide
(Dissonant Death Records)

1879 – Sangre Barbarie y Honor

Violent Scum – Ornaments of Bloodshed

Cortejo Fúnebre – Profano
(Infernal Death Productions)

Hostile Faith – Last Remnants of Life
(Neptunian Records/Life After Death)

Hexerei/Cold Darkness – Hexed Winds of Darkness (Split)
(Infernal Death Productions)

Detest – Sacred Revelation

Darkspell – Into the Darkness
(ThreeMetal Forces Distro)

Invincible Force – Decomposed Sacramentum
(Dark Descent Records)

Gates of Tyrant – Vortex Towards Death
(Putrid Cult/Apocalyptic Productions)

Xalpen – Sawken Xo’on
(Morbid Skull Records/Nigredo Records)

Ominovs – Demo MMXX
(Putrid Prods.)

Indoctrinate – Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation in the Temple of Flesh
(Unholy Prophecies)

Sempiternal – Legiones del Sepulcro
(Messiah of Evil Records/Thanatology Productions)

Funeralis – Gateways to Esoteric Light (2020)

Release date: December 1st, 2020
Label: Schattenkult Produktionen

The bands second full length and an album that black metal enthusiasts should give a listen to.

From the beginning of this ritual you get this eerie feeling as the haunting organ leads us into The Key of Salvation and with this real heart pounding flow to it as this has a lot of feeling and is heavy as well and some great breaks in here that add depth to the track, a superb opener.

I will mention this is a long album that is over an hour long and this next one From the Ashes the Phoenix Flames Rises is over 10 minutes long but this is one of the best as the guitar tone on here puts you in a trance, its a crushing number that the whole band is just going off and the vocals are as good as they get, this just grabs you I really dug this one.

Esoteric has a more dark feeling to it as its more of a change as its slow at the beginning but gets heavy as hell later as it has its driving moments but later comes back down but still has the power behind it and the way it closes really grabs you, as we go into Campanis ov Liberatio and this from the start has a gripping sound to it and a break comes in which brought more light to the track as well as the vocals here really stand out.

As we get further in I am well here we start out heavy as hell, the production is top notch with killer blast beats this track roars from the start but then there is a more slow part comes in but hell breaks loose after as a lead comes in with this heavy part in the background and the band really goes off after as the pace is killer so much in this track, one that needs to be heard to be truly appreciated.

Through the Silence Mystery is the track that’s for those who want their ass kicked! this just goes full throttle as blast beats galore are all over this and even with the minor break that guitar just grabs you then as the rest of the band comes in and it just smokes, one of the best to my ears on here.

And it gets better as Nigredo is strong as fuck! this killer and intense feel here this track has such a gripping sound to it, it might be long but so much is going on here that it sent chills up my spine, as it gives you a feel of a deep dark depressive trip that takes you somewhere.

To end the ritual Portal of Life & Death and it comes out blazing and well done as you can hear the drums bashing like there is no tomorrow and a slight break that will crush you as it goes off even more and hell what did you expect this is a killer closer!

For me this is a stamp on what the Chilean Black Metal scene is all about and this band proves it with this fantastic release even their label knew what they were getting by releasing this, cheers to them and the band.

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Xalpen – Sawken Xo’on (2020)

Release date: September 13th, 2020
Label: Morbid Skull Records

So the band finally releases their first full length and if you never heard of them the are one of the extremist black metal acts around these guys have gotten better with each release, if you like it as mean and dirty as it gets this is something you should put an ear to.

From the opening of Devourer of Light (Ya’alwe Kar-t’en) the sense of pure mayhem is there this comes out pounding with no mercy as the track has this really grabbing force in it the lead thrown in adds to the force of it, a powerful opener.

1340, now here this one grabs you quick as it has a very catching feel to it, the riffage is excellent as it drives on as the lyrics are good as they flow perfect and its one of those tracks that stand out just because the groove it brings and it continues on Dark Nights of Winter (On Stekenjhio’ joshckek) as the beginning has a slower tempo but its good as it gets heavier and then it really gets good, the production on here is very good as it really makes these tracks get a hold of you as its on this one and the bashing here is pure perfection.

And it continues on Han K’win Saik (For Those Who Have Departed), this is one of the best tracks on here as it has this really dark feeling to it as it makes you feel your in a tunnel of madness some really catchy hooks in here that leave you floored, the bass is thunderous and the vocals are pure insanity! a killer!

Among the Pillars of Death (Han on Outeken Chesk) is the first of the two long tracks on here this has a lot of tempo changes as it goes but they are all heavy as if you know the band really gets into their lyrics and it shows pretty much on here as the track has a lot of feel to it, a bit different from the previous but still packs a powerful punch that adds to the glare of the album, Tres Chamanes (Sawken Xo’on) is the only track sung in Spanish and its back to crushing again as it storms in without no mercy with these killer guitar drives and then this really pounding drive that just kills as it bashes you and gets even heavier after, this is some brutal shit here this is pure chaos a hell of a driver to torture people to.

To close it out The Formidable Fumes of Hell-Fire (On Tohown Tahner on Kár Xawqekyen) a long one with a bit of a slower pace at the beginning as the band makes you feel like your taking a trip as this goes along and it gets heavier as it goes as the drums start pounding more and the bass goes off as well but it calms down as it leads to the end, its heavy no doubt but in its own way, a good closer with feel.

A great piece of raw black metal, the band sounds great on here, a very powerful first full length.

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Serpent Throne – Beyond the Chains of Decadence (2020)

Serpent Throne
Release date: December 15th, 2020
Label: Australis Records

Well its been awhile since Serpent Throne put out something and now here we have their first full length and these guys have elements of black and death and even more if you listen to it.

Starts out with an interesting Intro before we go into Beyond the Chains of Decadence and out of the gate these guys come at you like a storm, the track is heavy and to the point, the vocals are really good and come across well there are some breaks and a real slow downed part that’s heavy as fuck at the end, impressive opener.

Blessed by Fire has a more slower pace but deep in presence to start but it gets faster and with some really catchy hooks that kept me tuned in, and the drumming on here is really killer some heavy pounding like it should be, and we go onto Anointed in Evil which has an even more deep slower feel but it builds up as it gets faster paced and some really ripping riffage is heard here as the track goes off at the end with ripping lead to blow your head off.

And Where Evil Prevails has this more black feel to it as far as the riffage presented as the start but this has a break where it takes on a whole new life as it takes you on another road you could say and a dark one as it fades away and it kind of seems like the journey doesn’t end as we go into A Vision of Abominations and Death which is an instrumental that just fits the mood and is really good has a lot of feeling to it.

A Wolf Between Lambs, well here we have my favorite track on here the title is in English but sung in Spanish, this just a crusher of a track with this riff that really sticks to you and the aggression on here is full tilt!
and Ancient Sorcery is another strong number with the drums pounding in the beginning and with a great vibe as this one grabs you and the vocalic chorus that ads dimension to track this is pretty blistering stuff.

It continues on Black Flames of Darkness as this has a superb drive with a break and later this hypnotic guitar comes in that really took this to another level and as it got more slower and darker as it closed out, a fantastic composition, to the closer Serpent Throne which is more on a slower pace and has feeling to it, the guitar parts are really good this has emotion written all over it, so a good closer as the Outro ends this.

I was impressed by this release lots of good material on here that should be checked out.

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