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Blasart – Depravatus (2022)

Release date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Independent

Another band that hasn’t done anything in awhile but have returned, being labeled black metal, I would go more on black/thrash as these 3 tracks on this EP are speed filled.

Rage filled Call of the Sacred Phallus, this surprised me on the first listen as it has all the goods inbedded in it, great aggression here and good production that kept me satisfied as we roll on to Profanation of the Nazarenes Death a more blasphemic track as far as the lyrics go and the intensity is there but you will hear this vocal part that is weaker but this still rages.

And closing Ritual of Poisonous Immersion which is hard driving to the point and ends this on a solid note.

If this is the bands new direction then its a winner, I sure would be interested in future projects, you can get this for free on their Bandcamp.


Culto a la Malevolencia – Spectant Nos Morte (2022)

Culto a la Malevolencia
Release date: August 2, 2022
Label: Independent

Hell it’s been a few years since I heard from this band from way up in Arica, so this their second EP which contains five tracks and from the start In Nomine Capra I could hear a difference that the band had taken a turn as far as the vocals are different now before they had two dudes going off on their debut as well as the lyrical content as it’s more out there than before but still this is punishing metal,

The five tracks on here all deliver well, The sheep sounds between tracks add character to the release, This is something you need to listen to to really make up your mind, the band sent me this and there are physical copies availabe but send them an email Contact: cultoalamalevolencia@gmail.com

Below is the whole release.

Onslaught Kommand – Demo (2022)

Onslaught Kommand
Release date: August 12th, 2022
Label: Godz ov War Productions

Hell yeah! here is one for extremist, this crushes if you dig old bands like Dead Infection, Terrorizer any of that old school Grindcore this demo should fill your need, gut wrenching from start to finish this band brings this genre to the scene and it does it just right, raw production and all the goods are here.

One band I will be happy to hear more from if this is what they deliver, enjoy!

Black Grail – VIIII (2022)

Black Grail
Release date: September 23rd, 2022
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Black Grail has got to be one of the strangest black metal acts out there as their first full length from 2015 pretty much left us with a promising sound of what was to come, but it never came back as last years second full length Dinámicas espirituales was probably the strangest releases of the year, I just couldn’t get into it, hell it took them so many years to follow up the debut I expected more.

So the band is back with a new EP and from the opening track Encarcelado y Condenado I knew the band was experimenting again as this has a very doomy feeling to it, its very slow with some spoken vocals here and there, nothing mind blowing here for my taste, things pickup on Reflexiones en cicuta as the beat is more up there and some evil screams pop up and then it gets heavy and interesting as it might catch the ears of the listener as it goes on, way better than the opener.

La separación, vista como muerte is a short instrumental that sounds eerie and creepy and leads us into Transmigración del alma which at this point is the heaviest thing heard and shows the band going off, this is more like it as this track has that killer instinct, and to close a disolución, consumación de la ascesis which goes back to the slow depressing vibe and it basically ends like that as it rides out like that.

This might be for some of you but not my cup of tea, the guy at Iron Bonehead Productions must like it as he released it, so I have no clue what this band has to offer in the future.

Sendero Muerto – Promo XX II (2022)

Sendero Muerto
Release date: July 28, 2022

Some black metal from the south, this is the bands second release from what I know as not much info is out there on them but this promo sounds promising, you can download the bands release from 2019 here.

But lets get into this new one, four tracks on this and still has the same sound as the 2019 release but as the Intro comes on you can hear the production is a little weaker than before but don’t get me wrong as the intensity shines on El Puente del Suicidio as this track blazes at the start but then comes down at the end.

False Temple is in about the same mode as the previous and comes across as being to short, and the closer Interlude which is an instrumental brings this to a close on a high note as its heavy and hits the spot.

A band I will keep an ear too, as with the right production will get its due.


Martillo Austral – Requiem (2022)

Martillo Austral
Release date: August 15th, 2022
Label: Independent

The latest from Martillo Austral, the band told me it was their third full length album and if you follow them since the start you should notice they change sound on every release and on here its diffferent than the last.

Absentia opens this up and it’s a lengthy track with a good melodic feel to it, the vocals come in the extreme style and the guitar riffage is what really stood out to me and it goes on throughout the track as the lead takes over and it gave it more feel, really enjoyable with each listen. on Sanctus the vocals are brought out more and the hypnotical guitar vibe is still there and a little more upbeat as well.

And things get a bit differrent on the remainer of this as the last four tracks both have a I or II in the title like Libera me I which is an instrumental that has a haunting feeling as it sounds comepletely done on keyboards which leads us into part II and this is more electric and quite lengthy at over 12 minutes and it has a feeling of taking you on a ride and the keys are really up front here and they come to light even more as about half way in the whole track takes a new direction but then near the end it gets heavier to close it out on a high note.

To close out Lux Aeterna I which is just the riffage on keys that will be on part II and this part is more better as it gives this whole thing a good ending.

More on the atmospheric side I would call this, no blast beats but I can listen to this at anytime, don’t know where the band will take us on the next take but this is a good follow up to their last.


Mezexis – Demo I (2022)

Release date: August 1st, 2022

Here is another new band that crossed my path, labeled Black Metal, this is up to the listener to decide, only two tracks Beyond The Eyes is brutal and raw this sounds like the old days of tape trading production as it is all over the place.
La Sombra del Infinito shows another side of the band and this is my fav of the two, and so many years of listening to this stuff here is one that brings back the old vibe for real.

Not much is known about them which is fine but will keep an eye out if anythng new pops up.

Nefast MCMLXXIX – Ad Infernum, Somnia (2022)

Release date: February 28th, 2022
Label: Oratorivm Records

Back to some Black Metal this time the first full length by the band and with all the black metal coming out of the country I can actually say there is something in this genre for every one being it raw, atmospheric, depressive, etc. but back to this and remembering the demo from a few years ago this is a bit different as the band sound rawer now.

And to start Symphonia Impiorum Noctis this just an intro that is quite lengthy on first listen it had me looking behind my back and if that was the intention I guess it worked 🙂

A Flame for Impure comes in with a heavy feeling to it as the vocals break in, some good evil sounding as well and a faster drive develops as the snare picks up the beat and then the track goes off in all kind of ways. took me a few listens to grab me to be real.

On Tuorum mplacabilis dolor things get more intense as this steam rolls from the start and with a different feel as the guitar is more in control as it goes, definetly riding high through most of the encounter on here to make it more enjoyable and one of the better tracks on here, Maledictus eris ex fide brings another feel to this as it has a slower pace but still has a evil vibe to it, the vocals really shine on here as they over power most of the track and a silent break comes out of nowhere near the end that breaks into a powerful ending.

Sheol which closes the musical part of this is a horror filled composition which brings out all the good in the band, sick ass vocals the drive is intense in some parts but it calms down just to go at it again and it ends with no fadeing as the closng outro Consecration of Funest Dreams comes in to put this ritual to an end.

One of those albums you can listen to as many times and always hear something new is the only way I can put it.


Anomie – Mandragora Autumnalis (2022)

Release date: June 27th, 2022
Label: Independent

A new Experimental Black/Death Metal band with their first EP and this is surprisingly good as the band put this together well, the production on here is as good as your going to get it. Exposure the first track on here is basically an intro piece with no actual music but sounds to set the mood to what is coming.

I is first and all the real tracks are just numeralized and this one isn’t bad as you can hear the start as it comes roaring out and the vocals are quite good, but as it goes on it has it breaks but it does deliver as it has this crunchy riffage that fits in just right and it kept my mind interested on what more they had to offer.

On II the pace is a bit different as the guitar comes in solo but it builds up to a stronger conpostion as the full band comes in, the lyrical content on most is on centered life which is fine by me and this one has it all even how the ending is captured.

The closer III is more centered as you can tell by the lyrics the track isn’t that extreme but it has an interesting feel to it with some unexpected breaks but it has it’s high points and shows the band has a lot of potential on the way they write compostions. Null closes this out and just an outro with a censeable feel to it.

I’m sure we will hear more from this band in the future as this release left me with wondering what will be next, not a bad debut.