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Black Grail – VIIII (2022)

Black Grail
Release date: September 23rd, 2022
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Black Grail has got to be one of the strangest black metal acts out there as their first full length from 2015 pretty much left us with a promising sound of what was to come, but it never came back as last years second full length Dinámicas espirituales was probably the strangest releases of the year, I just couldn’t get into it, hell it took them so many years to follow up the debut I expected more.

So the band is back with a new EP and from the opening track Encarcelado y Condenado I knew the band was experimenting again as this has a very doomy feeling to it, its very slow with some spoken vocals here and there, nothing mind blowing here for my taste, things pickup on Reflexiones en cicuta as the beat is more up there and some evil screams pop up and then it gets heavy and interesting as it might catch the ears of the listener as it goes on, way better than the opener.

La separación, vista como muerte is a short instrumental that sounds eerie and creepy and leads us into Transmigración del alma which at this point is the heaviest thing heard and shows the band going off, this is more like it as this track has that killer instinct, and to close a disolución, consumación de la ascesis which goes back to the slow depressing vibe and it basically ends like that as it rides out like that.

This might be for some of you but not my cup of tea, the guy at Iron Bonehead Productions must like it as he released it, so I have no clue what this band has to offer in the future.