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Attacker Bloody Axe – The Axe of Evil Shall Prevail!!! (2020)

Attacker Bloody Axe
Release date: July 28th, 2020
Label: Electric Eyes Records

So it’s been a long time since we heard from the band and this comes to light and I will admit that I have been a fan forever
but are they back for real or is this release just something to keep the name of the band alive?

Who knows but this release should fill the needs of fans of the band as the sound is still there that we have to love and grown.

After a short intro it goes into The Wolf which you can hear what band has been putting out in the past and with perfect form as it has a very old school vibe to open and when the vocals come in you know its them as the trademark vocal style is there and the track is pounding as it should be with great character, a very good opener that’s solid as can be.

And with a machine gun snare drum that sets the tone on Ancient Black Menace, this track comes right at you with a slight break this has a good drive and the production on here is quite excellent as the bass is heard perfectly so a good number but for me this next track The Axe on Higth is one of the highlights on here, as this really catchy riff opens up and then it lights up with a superb vibe to it and the vocals are supreme and even with a minor break its still pounding heavy as the lead comes in and then fades to glory.

Well things really change on Putrid Smell of Cementery as this is more on a slower tempo and it kind of drags but there must be which goes with the title and a nice lead on here that saved it for me.

I will just say after this, the remaining three tracks are back to full force and they all will crush you as they all have that signature sound we all love.

For me this was worth the wait, the only complain is its very short only a bit over 25 minutes, I just hope this isn’t the last time we hear from the band as the break was way too long.