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Antagonyze – Echoes from Soul (2020)

Release date: April 3rd, 2020
Label: Independent/Infernal South Productions

Here is a band from Nacimiento, Biobío, I just stumbled across this release and and its a full length demo, the band go under Blackened Death/Thrash and will mention this has keyboards as well and fit in just right.

Intro + Apocaliptic Dawn start this up and its quite a catchy number as it has a great drive with a great growl and tons of hooks as the bass takes a stand on here as well as far as the vocals are good but the production could of been better as the drums override this, but its a demo so shit like this happens but nothing to take away from what is laid down here.

And forgot to mention they have two vocalist and here on Don’t Be Profane they can be heard on this track really well as the vocals sound more down tone at times and the beginning the drums open it up and unfortunately you can hear what I was saying earlier, but this is really good once you get over that has a ripping lead that simply slays.

I won’t get into all the tracks as there is so much to be enjoyed on here even the guitar instrumental Echoes from Soul sounds so in depth that it shows another side of the band but it blends in well with this whole recording.

The band really has a great sound and the only complain is that small production issue, this with a remaster could be a hell of a gem as it has some well composed tracks that never bored me through the whole thing, an awesome technical sound is what I’m trying to say.

I highly recommend you give this a listen to and spread the word of the band as they deserve more recognition after this.

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