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Ancalagoth – Demo (2020)

Release date: June 28th, 2020
Label: Independent

A Black Metal band that was founded in 2012 and this is their first demo and with a interesting name as it relates to the greatest Dragon and the cover shows it.

It opens up with a spoken intro that sounds a calling for the beast himself as you hear its roar at the end as it goes into Ancalagoth and this has nice raw production to it, the track is pretty catchy as it comes in crashing from the start, the vocals are as good as well, sung in Spanish and the guitar could of been a bit louder but still is listenable, a good start.

And it gets better on Promaucaes as it has this really dark sounding riff as it begins that rolls through out the track but here the guitar lead really stands out and gave it more feeling not bad.

Canto a Lucifer, well here things really change as this is really slow, a whole new dimension to the band and the lead in here is what actually saved it as it goes into Angfalast and they are back to the good fast shit with the calling of the beast is felt as he keeps yelling it out.

The closer En mi fría tumba is interesting as it starts with this eerie sounding guitar that sets the mood of the title and then the band kicks in to this hard driving force and the vocals are pretty much clear here and you can get the feeling and there is a great hook in here as well that showed this band has potential and ends with the same guitar intro.

Only question I have is why they took so long to put something out as this isn’t bad at all, and I checked and seen they have taken all their social media pages down, so who knows what is installed for the future with these guys, at least its on Bandcamp and you can get it for free.