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Alaridos – Horca (2021)

Release date: April 28th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Some Grindcore for a change, this band has been around for awhile now and this being the bands first full length and a pretty good release but its short but packs a powerful punch, 9 tracks that come in under 12 minutes but its Grindcore so what would you expect.

If your into Terrorizer or old Napalm Death you should hear this, as I looked into the back ground of the band I seen they acquired a new vocalist in Daniela, yes thats right a female and man does she have a set of pipes on her and has brought a whole new life to this band as their older material had a male vocalist but in my view held the band back as now they have a more intact sound.

Some tracks that stood out where Talión and Fuerzas ocultas but this hole thing is killer! not a dull second on here, great stuff!

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