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1879 – Sangre Barbarie y Honor (2020)

Release date: March 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Hell yes! with all the shit going on in the world at the moment 1879 releases a free download of their latest work and as I was told by the band this will get a physical release as soon as all the shit happening has ended but for those that don’t know about the band they play Black Metal which concentrates more on History,Hate and War in their lyrics as 1879 was the year the War of the Pacific started against Bolivia and Peru and ended up winning a few years later.

So let’s get to this, here we have 10 tracks one being an instrumental and I knew what to expect from the band as I have heard the earlier releases but this full length has been something I have waited on and others as well.Fuego Cruzado opens this off and straight from the lyrics we are off to war as this is pretty straight forward to the point as everybody is going off on here as the vocals are your typical black death vocals but with there own character to them which got me into the mood of what’s to come. Embestida de la Muerte ah yes the intro takes us back to that time with a war feeling but then the band comes in and we are going in for the kill! you could say as this one is out to kill the enemy! tons of heavy bust your balls pounding here as this is more like the earlier material I heard excellent track!

Artillería Letal, you want a fast one well this one’s for you as here all guns come a blazing as this feeds off hatred as it should fuck the drums are pounding on here like a machine gun, a true headbasher here this will kill your ass, fucking brutal! even the hard pounding riffage at the end tops it off.Marcha Lenta hacia la Muerte is a bit different as its heavy kinda doomy at the start as the tale is about the troops crossing the desert and the sound works but this gets heavy as fuck as it goes along so you can picture what this is about a very killer track as this has a lot of flare to it that made it very enjoyable from start to finish as it goes into the instrumental Desolación del Desierto which is basically the bass guitar and sounds perfect for the title and theme of what’s going on here.

And we get back into the madness on Demencia Guerra y Alcohol and this rips as it’s a celebration of the Chilean troops taking control and fucking women and drinking as it was meant to be as the track is solid piece of torture, as we get back into the action on Carne de Cañon and is another hard bashing track with its own life to it some tempo changes that really make it interesting as this one shines as well, the guitar on here is off the wall with some killer riffs that need to be heard a good one no doubt.Fosa Comun, Fosa de la Gloria is more on a slower tempo as it tells more of the dark side of the war and more different than the rest on here but it packs a punch in its own right as the ending brings more light to it.

As we get near the end Himnos de Guerra is one of those tracks that is out to make a point this has that pounding kinda riffage at the start that goes with the lyrics telling you a tale as it goes on it gets even heavier as the drums take control and song even gets heavier as it goes on and shines even more towards the end, as I liked it more after a few listens but this closer Sobre el Palacio De los Virreyes is the final nail in the coffin as this claims victory and the music and lyrics here are filled with Chilean pride as this is what this band is about, the track cuts at a point as you hear these waves of the ocean playing and then the drums come back and all hell breaks loose as this must be a hidden track that ends this on a total high as the duel vocal sound here adds to the glory.

Fuck! this is good shit and can’t wait til its released, but you can get it here but support the band and buy the physical copy when it comes out.

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