Swarm of Hatred – Obsidian Corridors (2021)

Swarm of Hatred
Release date: October 31st, 2021
Label: Independent

Here is some new stuff from this black metal horde and those that remember they released a full length a few years ago that was impressive so here we have this new EP which the band indicates are two new tracks and the others that never made it to the album.

Haruspex, this opener is chaotic from the start and the band’s sound isn’t your typical black metal as this is more creative with different tempo changes, but they have that blast parts just in the right place, and you can really hear the bass on here going off, this is a hell storm of a track, brilliant opener.

More of a mid-pace start on Obsidian Corridors but here the vocals stand out and really doesn’t blast out till halfway through, the drumming is bashing as it should be but plenty of tempo changes through the whole thing that made it interesting. Osculum Infame has this really catchy hook to it and just grabs a hold of you with a variety of changes installed in it, it never loses its flare, truly one of the highlights on here.

And to close Challenging the Omnipotence, which is powerful in its own prospect it has its ups and downs but still hits the spot in only the way the band can do it as it pounds at the end.

A good EP with some excellent outlooks of the band, I have a feeling more is to come in 2022.

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