Suicide Nation – Hall of Violence (2020)

Suicide Nation
Release date: July 16th, 2020
Label: Australis Records

Some Thrash with class I will say, Suicide Nation has been around for a few years now and this new full length is up there to their debut from a few years ago.

This band sings in English just to get that out of the way and if you thought the Chilean thrash scene was only limited to a few bands well these guys are up there as this release has some balls to it.

As from the first track RSS, I was like fuck this has that sound and I looked more into their past recordings and this leaves off where the first album left off.

For me the band doesn’t sound Chilean as most would think this could be from anywhere and that is a good thing as I been listening to thrash from the start and I couldn’t believe how good this is.

I won’t go into all the tracks as I usually do on my reviews as this doesn’t need it, as this release is a thrashers dream come true, a classic or righteous release, I would call it.

No gimmicks here this is thrash as it was meant to be, 100% support!

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