Death Thrasher

Death Thrasher

I started this site back in 2003 because I was looking for something new, as I knew that in Chile they had a very good extreme scene so I started looking up bands and seen there was plenty of good up and coming bands that suited my taste in Metal.

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So I decided to make this site way back in the days of Geocities when the internet was mostly free and that all vanished one day, so in 2015 I started it again as I had seen that there was even more bands worthy of a mention so the story continues....

Be advised if you want me to review a band I only take extreme bands death, black, thrash etc. sometimes I'll have an exception but it really has to hit that spot in me, there are plenty of other sites for those genres.

In closing I'm always looking for input from my readers, if you have any suggestions for the site let me know.


**If you would like to be part of this site and contribute your own reviews let me know I'm always looking for new staff members.