Speedhammer – On Speed Nights (2022)

Release date: August 21st, 2022
Label: Independent

Well it was a surprise to me when this showed up in my mail, as I remember when this band put out their first demo and then they released Hooded Metal which I could never find and I ridden them off cause nothing new since 2017.

So this is a demo which shows the direction in which the band is on now after all these years, and the band have taken this weird fascination with Japan now as some of the songs lean towards that and even the band photo even shows that.

So lets get into this, Speedhammer Arrives in Tokio yes the cities name is spelled like that on here and it’s one of the better tracks on here as the lyrics come in well, the band consider themselves as Obscure and Alcoholic Evil Speed Metal these days and from this track it sure sounds like it, but to be honest other bands on the scene have covered this well while these guys were on hiatus.

Grand Dragon is a pretty generic track has a good vibe to it but this next one The Tengu Demon is where the Japanese stuff comes in as a spoken part starts it off then they procide to sing in that language but the chorus in English “Die… by… the sword!
Of the tengu demon”
the nusic isn’t bad has some good speed to it. Speed Nights X this one is a bit strange as it has great lyrics but the nusic doesn’t rise to the occasion till the end, Die in Fire is a lovely love song in which they can only manage and to close Biermaniac which is recorded live, and this version sounds a bit better than the studio version.

Like I said at the start nothing new but I will keep following them, they have a preview track from their up coming full release on their Bandcamp and the production sounds quite well so something to look forward to.

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