Southern Cross – Enigmatic Creation (2020)

Southern Cross
Release date: November 20th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a death/thrash band I came across and looked into and they been around since 1994 but as I looked deeper into them this is the only release they are credited for.

Nine tracks on here and this release has a lot of variation on it, Fundation of Humanity (Instrumental) starts this out and its pretty catchy as its a mid pace composition that has a good drive as it goes into Southern Path/Ancestral Legacy and this opens up with a slow heavy tempo but then it builds up and here the vocals come in and we get the taste of death as the track just has this crunchy texture to it then some leads are thrown in that make it even more enjoyable and near the end the pace gets faster which ended this on a high note.

Brotherhood of the Serpent, comes in a bit more on the harder edge as the drums are being pounded to hell then minor break where it takes us on another dimension of the track as it has a good drive and its a solid piece, as Death’s Shadow is a killer riffage fiasco as this is all over the place, a bit more aggression on this one.

And as we get into Blue Blood and this up to this point is one of the highlights on here for me, as this has more fast parts in it and gets to the point and even with some breaks near the end made this stand out and the drive continues on Pit of the Abyss as this has this main way presenting itself as the track has these heavy riffs while a lead is going off, good stuff.

Sarcastic Existence (Instrumental) and a very pleasant one as it has quite a few parts in here that just grab you, I wouldn’t even call it that extreme but on the heavy glory side as the way it was composed is excellent! Masters of Time closes this out and a good one as this has some interesting parts as its quite long but very catchy especially the leads that are put in here, a good closer to this.

In closing this might not be for everybody as its not your typical all out bash of death/thrash like other bands are doing but this has all kinds of elements throughout it that made it listenable to my ears as its has a lot of heavy metal in it which is good as it takes you to another dimension not many bands from the area are doing, so I would give it a listen.

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2 thoughts on “Southern Cross – Enigmatic Creation (2020)”

  1. Esta muy bueno el análisis musical y técnico del disco, que se nota un buen trabajo tal como tu lo describes, buen thrash Death Metal Chileno… Salud!!!

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