Somnvs Mortis – El Advenimiento de las Pesadillas Perpetuas (2019)

Somnvs Mortis
Release date: July 13th, 2019
Label: Darkness & Evil Records

I should have wrote this review ages ago, but I suppose it’s never too late for some shameless self promotion, since this was the first release of a new label I started last year to help promote some interesting projects.

But let’s talk about what matters here, wich is the band and their music. El Advenimiento de las Pesadillas Perpetuas is the first official release of Somnvs Mortis, a side project of EV (who plays guitars in the killer Death Metal band Exanimatvm) and Hermes (drummer of another very prolific local Death Metal band called Infernal Doom) with JV on vocal duties. They play some straight forward Black Metal, influenced by the classic scandinavian acts of the early 90’s. Nothing new, you might think, but this guys really know what they are doing, and their work has quality enough to not be dismissed as the 666th clone of Mayhem that ever walked the earth.

Cayendo en el Sueño Morturio serves as the intro for the EP, and immediatelly you get suck into it’s ominous atmosphere and as the track unfolds you get the feeling that something dark and sinister is coming. And yes, from the start of Somnvs Mortis you will notice some somber and hypnotic riffs, and a lot of diversity on Hermes’ drumming. The guy is quite a resourceful drummer and not just a blast beat machine. And JV’s vocals might not leave you in shock & awe, but his style fits the music very well as he describes the horrors produced by Ayayema, the entity that haunted the Selk’nam people in their dreams. Another important thing is that even when this track is quite long (08:34) it doesn’t get boring or monotonous at all.

Donde Yace lo Inconcebible starts with a faster pace, and the bass has a lot more presence here. The song is basically divided in three parts, starting with high intensity and a frantic pace, then the middle section is darker and slower, and then after a great rythm change the final part ends on a high again. After that, the tranquillity of the outro Sombrías Visiones Oníricas will help you recover from the head pounding that you have been withstanding for the previous 15 minutes.

To wrap things up, Somnvs Mortis crafted a great debut cimented on some very good songwriting, good riffs, great drumming and an overall powerful and sombre atmosphere. And yes, I’m bias, but don’t take my word for it, go and listen to this for yourself and make your own opinion. And if you happen to like this, then go get a copy of the re-release that Oratorium Records put out recently. This new version includes a great cover of Funeral Fog as bonus track, so act fast, before it’s sold out again.

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