Sol Sistere – Sol Sistere (2021)

Sol Sistere
Release date: October 15th, 2021
Label: Cult of Parthenope

And to the third full length of this Atmospheric Black Metal bands rituals and this time, plain and simple as a self titled release, and this killer instrumental The Shimmer Pt 1 opens this up and its really catchy so a great sound as we go into The Narrow Path and this comes out right at you but then a break comes in that takes it on another journey as the lyrics are very deep and the music goes well with them as you will hear through out this release, no short tracks on here so you know what to expect and this first one is excellent!

The journey continues on Ashes, and a more relaxed tempo to start this builds up as it goes but almost halfway in it takes on another life really gut gripping feel then rises as it gets uplifting towards the end. Nothofagus is more on the fast pace when it opens and the drumming on here really shines but this track is really one of those that give you a winter like feeling of being the woods, one of my favorites on here.

Black Mass gives you the feeling of the emotions that you could experience from one and this really has an awesome feel to it that will leave you floored, this is an epic track as it gets better the more you hear it, The Shimmer Pt II is longer than Pt 1 and the band really shines here, the true part of the atmospheric side really comes to light here, as some spoken part is also included the way this rides out to the end is candy to the ears.

Unspoken Verb is pretty solid from the start as the vocals are sick as hell here and the drive is haunting at times, has a great feel as it punishes the senses as we go to the closer Sol Sistere and really was looking forward to it as its over 10 minutes long and to hear what this ritual would come to a conclusion and it delivers as a has an intense feeling that shows all the character the band has in their blood.

An excellent release if you follow the band and something for new comers to check out.

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