Slave Spirit – Desconocida Dimensión Espiritual (2021)

Slave Spirit
Release date: April 13th, 2021
Label: Oratorivm Records

Some Black Metal and this being the bands 4th full length and I’m going to keep this review in the old school way as no samples will be posted in the way the band would want it as they have no social media and are against all stupid shit that floods the mind. If old school S.American BM is something you crave I suggest getting this.

Eight tracks on this ritual and the opener Reinos sin retornos has this slow and gut grabbing riff that instantly grabbed me as well as the spoken part which clearly shows what is coming and then it goes off and this is some mean humanity hating material which is fine by me, the snare drum takes a beating here and when this furious lead comes in, well you have to hear it, this is long but straight to the point, an excellent opener.

To a fast and quick one Caerán y nosotros resurgiremos has a great punch to it and the vocals stand out here and will say there is no clean singing here, this is straight in your face yelling that fits this just right as we go onto Desconocida dimensión espiritual which brings us back to the vibe of the first one with that eerie guitar tone and the crushing begins and its intense with this ripping lead that will floor you and how these long tracks end with the opening riff fading out with spoken word, killer shit!

Heredamos el canto de vuestros ancestros is a sweet hateful track, with a catchy riff that opens it up then the bashing begins a bit different to my ears but its really good and a nice break that leads into more mayhem, this one really stood out for me, as Noche bajo los ojos de la mortalidad/Apuñala el perdón de los pecados, just to let you know these two tracks are in one on the cd and the first has this deep down hard feeling to start as this has the spirit of black metal written all over it all the goods are here as it goes into the next track and he yells out the title just to let you know where the hell your at and with a more slower drive at the beginning but no worries all hell breaks loose soon after and concludes in the way the band has showed through out.

A true and nice and dirty number is what Apuñala el perdón de los pecados comes across like, this is some righteous stuff here that should appeal to any maniac out there, short and sweet and then it gets even better on La transición de los sentidos perdidos as the opening riff got me from the start and the brutality delivered here is as good as can get, the band is really going off here as we go to the closer Rumbo hacia nuestra muerte and fuck what a way to end this ritual, one of those hard hitting riffs to start it off but then into full chaos as this should be ended, total head crusher!

In conclusion I will say this is highly recommended, like I mentioned at the start, it took me few listens before I got the full impact as I wanted to give an honest review and this is worth getting, special thanks goes out to Oratorivm Records for sending me this ritual and get your copy here.

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