Sendero Muerto – Promo XX II (2022)

Sendero Muerto
Release date: July 28, 2022

Some black metal from the south, this is the bands second release from what I know as not much info is out there on them but this promo sounds promising, you can download the bands release from 2019 here.

But lets get into this new one, four tracks on this and still has the same sound as the 2019 release but as the Intro comes on you can hear the production is a little weaker than before but don’t get me wrong as the intensity shines on El Puente del Suicidio as this track blazes at the start but then comes down at the end.

False Temple is in about the same mode as the previous and comes across as being to short, and the closer Interlude which is an instrumental brings this to a close on a high note as its heavy and hits the spot.

A band I will keep an ear too, as with the right production will get its due.


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