Sanctum Sathanas – Xanthosis (2019)

Sanctum Sathanas
Release date: November 1st, 2019
Label: Vestigia Flamæ

Some Black Metal up this time and here is a band that if your into that raw old school feeling when it comes to this genre you should check this out as this EP is right on, its been awhile since their first demo but this EP was worth the wait.

We get 5 tracks of pure blasphemy hailing Lucifer himself as M.O.S (Nigredo) opens this ritual up we get right into it with a ferocious yell and the band just rips into it with a crushing sound that defines what you will get with this release, the vocals are your typical black metal which as you know most fuckers won’t understand but fuck it! if it works just do it but believe me this track has all the qualities you want.

More insanity on Tubal Qayin (Manifestación Ancestral), this is just pure brutality I was floored on this one what a fucking masterpiece! this is BM the way I like it! no remorse here the riffing on here is so intense and this is a long track with a few tempo changes but all killing at full force. Maestro Irreflexivo (Azerate) and the killing doesn’t stop with a nice old school riff to open it up it goes into a deep stage of mayhem that just blew my mind ! was floored by this one, the pounding drums on here are intense as the whole track is actually.

A bit of a change on Ordo ab Chaos (Kaosulvens) as its got a more heavy riff on opening but a good one as there is no wimping out here and later on it hits a full tilt as we get what the band has been delivering all out this opus so no let down at all I fucking love it! Xeper I Apep closes this out and again with a mid tempo and some strange vocal yells not heard throughout this which made it interesting but it gets back into pure insanity to close it out on a high note.

Fuck! this is excellent one of the best black metal releases of the year without hesitation, this is as good as it gets in my book, the band has no page which is good by me, keep this gem underground and only available from the label.

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