Samot – The Beginning (2015 Demo)

Release date:June 13th, 2015

I mentioned this band earlier and I finally got to hear the whole demo and was I ever in for a treat this starts out with Legacy and a nice intro of some acoustic guitar to boost, then into this we go, gotta love this first track some raw guitar sounding with leads and the vocals just fit perfect.Revenge Blood is up next and another excellent track that has a part with some acoustic guitar that fits in just right and then we have a acoustic instrumental Fantasie (sylbius leopold weiss) that fits in well and then The Prison which is just as heavy as the rest but this one I like because of the pace sure it might end slow but that is brief and to end we have Death a great ender gotta love the vocals It’s My Death! and the crunchy riffing which I always appreciate.

This is great first offering from this band and I would recommend it to anybody that likes old school Death Metal even Death/Thrash as this has some good speed in it and I hope to hear more from the band as this got better the more I listened to it.I posted the whole demo for you to hear as well.


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