Samot – Across the Abyss (2016)

Release date:May 20th, 2016
Label:Unspeakable Axe Records

So anybody that read my review of their first demo knows how much I enjoyed that and this 4 track EP doesn’t disappoint as well, some killer blackened thrash and the production on here really stands out as you can hear all the instruments to a crisp.

Awakening is an instrumental that grabs you from the start as it has this mystical feeling to it as builds up as it goes along and then comes The Calling and this one comes at you a full force with a few hooks thrown into mix which bring much to the blend of the track plus the chorus will grab you as well,a very well written track. Across The Abyss is a pure sick symbolic track that shows another side of the band with a more dark feeling to it,not the fastest but it does deliver.Whispers is a short instrumental that closes out this in good fashion.

This is a step up for the band no doubt but it left me wanting to hear more so maybe next time we will get a longer length out of them because they have a sound that could break them out to further pastures with the right push.

*The physical copy of this might be sold out as the band had one copy left according to their Facebook page.

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