Sadistic – Rotting Eternal (2022)

Release date: June 18th, 2022
Label: Apocalyptic Productions

One of my most anticipated releases of the year and it was worth the wait as this has everything you could want and expect from the band, if you take your death metal seriously you need to give this slab a listen.

Eight tracks on here with Prelude to Rot opening and is an instrumental full of energy and sets the mood just right for what is to come,Impure Congregation is just a bombastic piece as the vocals are mean as hell but the guiter tone is even better as it has this feeling that crawls up your spine and yeah that old school feelimg is written all over this.

Things get a bit different on Hell on Earth as the pace changes a bit on here but the track is heavy as hell with some minor breaks, it still has the raw gripping effect to it, the leads near the end kill! Embrace the Darkness is more on the crunchy side you could say as the pounding riffage makes up most of the track, adds a bit of flare to the release and the ending is just right.

Things start getting back to a heavier pace on Bloodstained Grave and from here is where this album delivers that kick ass punch, Denied is just a hell of a track as Peter yells out the title this gets better as it goes, this one got me on the first listen and then the glory continues on Conjurer as the brutality keeps flowing and it comes to a climax on Down into Catacombs as this is a storm of a track a fucking killer closer to this whole thing as it has so much going on through out it that it will leave the listener wanting more.

When it comes to Chilean Death Metal this release is up there in my top five so far for this year, the wait was well worth it.


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