Sadism – Alliance (2015)


Release date:December 4th, 2015
Label:Mechanix Records

This is the 7th full length from this great death metal band,the band has had it’s highs and lows throughout their existence with this being an excellent release,Ricardo Roberts (Vocals) still has the power he’s had since the beginning.I’m not gonna go through every track on here cause there is 12 of them and you get your money’s worth on this one.

Conversion the opener this track grabs you as soon as you press play, no intros here total death metal right in your fucking face!as this goes along you will hear all these tempo changes and their very catchy, crunchy at times and there is plenty of speed on here as well,Juan Pablo Donoso (Drums) still kills the skins on here as well.the guitars on here are razor shredders some killer shit.I’m telling you tracks like Putried Golden Cord which is heavy pounder and Impure & Obscure will keep your blood flowing,Pain Will Tear Us Apart one of my favs on here because there is a bit of everything in it really catchy track.the title track Alliance – We Decline..! which closes this out starts out slow but with this real heavy vibe but then we get that heavy fast shit that brings this to a close.

My advice is,if you take your death metal serious get this you won’t be disappointed,this is one of their best releases yet,and I see they just toured Europe maybe someone in the states can bring this old school band here because it’s about time.


Some live footage from the tour in Europe doing one of their classics.

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