Sacred Veil – Mirad lo que ha engendrado nuestro círculo…….primer paso a la destrucción (2021)

Sacred Veil
Release date: June 30th, 2021
Label: Oratorivm Records

Some Black Metal and this was actually released last year but it got a better distribution through Oratorivm Records, so now this will head out to more dark souls out there.

And this band has been around a few years now this being the bands second ritual and my first taste of the band and with this weird sounding intro Apotheosis for missa nigra, which is actually catchy after you hear it a few times we go into Bajo el río del mundo privado and the mighty presence of these keyboards come in giving it a haunting sound as this raw sounding guitar comes in and the vocals are in Spanish but have that raw vibe to them, this isn’t an all out blast beat outing as it has more feeling to it as it goes on, Insepultor has a message to bring and it shows on his vocal style, really dark and evil.

El oculto & siniestro acto, even more darkness on this one with a slower crushing pace but half way in the force comes in and the aggression is there to rip at your soul as it goes back into the original sound at the beginning. No hay más esperanza is more on the fast side as this goes for the throat right from the start, probably the fastest track on here to this point and doesn’t disappoint one bit, a crusher!

The title track being the closer to the ritual brings and has this eerie feeling of being in some mass, but it gets better this goes into a frenzy of chaos only the band could bring and a perfect closer to the ritual.

Great old school vibe on here when it comes to black metal, I enjoyed this more the more I played it so it grew on me, as in writing this, the band has already released their third ritual Incógnitas visiones bajo la Luna but only 30 copies, lets hope Oratorivm Records steps up and gives it a better distribution.

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