Rotten Tomb – Promo (2016)

Rotten Tomb
Release date:October 1st, 2016

Here is a new death metal band out of Iquique,this is their first effort,it’s a two track release.

This has a lot of potential as it has a very deep old school vibe to it,especially that old Swedish sound from back in the day,Possessed By Death is a slow kinda mid paced track with a lot of emotion to it and the guitar work on here really stands out with an very evil sounding lead that should impress any death head out there,Mortuary Desires,of the two this is the one that really showed where this band could go,very dark vibe in the beginning and then this evil yell comes out as the track takes off and it’s pure death metal just the way I like it,very catchy track no doubt to end this first effort.

I’ll just say this in closing, I would check this out if you like death metal from Chile because these guys bring it to the limit,they keep this up and they will be noticed, I guarantee it so I hope to hear more maybe later this year.


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