Ritual Pyre – Ritual Pyre (2022)

Ritual Pyre
Release date: September 21, 2022
Label: Forgotten Treasures Records

The latest from this duo in form of an EP of Death Netal, and from the opener Spirit´s Journey you can hear that this isn’t your tradional fast paced stuff, it’s not bad but I expected more but they pick up the pace on Erase Their Curse as this one starts slow as well but creeps up then it goes off and the guitar tone isn’t bad either the bass can be hears quite well, the track has it’s highs and lows.

Nothing much changes on Ritual as it starts slow then this crunchy riffage comes in that gives it some life but no head bashing stuff yet. so halfway through and Dwellers comes in and riffage from the last one crosses over to this one but this gets better as it goes. Aeonic Slumber is pretty much like everything that has been put out during this whole thing and to end Winged Dragon with a heavier beat at the start, sounds like they saved the best for last, of all the tracks on here I would pick this one as the highlight as it has everything we heard beforehand but here it all falls into place just in the right mode.

This is more on the Death/Doom side of things some might like it.

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