Ritual Blasphemer – Satanic Ceremony (2019)

Ritual Blasphemer
Release date: June 6th, 2019
Label: El Conjuro Records

Most of you fuckers out there probably already know what this is all about but for the newcomers this is the first release from this crushing death metal act, this was released last year but this is my take on the cd version released this year with bonus tracks.

With an interesting intro that goes straight into Satanic Ceremony, we get this heavy pounding as the vocals are sick and the pounding of the drums and the guitar work that just sinks into your skull,the ritual has begun!

Blasphemous Attack just goes off just the way I like it, full blasphemy right to the point as this one will crush you cause it’s short and straight to the point and it doesn’t let up on Diabolical Insane which is a bit different but is powerful to the hilt in it’s own style as its more complex to the previous but still will kill you.

So we go into Black Pest and this my friends is a scorcher of a track as it goes in for the kill from the beginning and its just a catchy one because most likely the vocals and the theres when the leads come in it just gets better, just one of those tracks that gets your blood pumping and oh fuck Infernal Slaves, which was the original closer on the tape version simply goes off as this track has everything you could want and the part where the band goes off its an all out assault on your body and soul, I fucking love it!

So we go onto the bonus tracks, first one being a cover of old Sepultura Warriors Of Death which they do a fine job of and would make the band proud it has their flare to it but hits it on the nail! and so we close with Ritual Blasphemer and its as strong as the rest as one thing I noticed is the bands music gets heavier as it goes along and it shows here to the end.

I’m so glad that I got a copy of this and i strongly recommend getting a copy as this is worth every cent, the production is perfect for a debut and nice packaging, contact the band or label to get a copy as this is going fast, a total crusher of a debut.

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