Ripper – Paranormal Waves (2020)

Release date: March 30th, 2020
Label: Independent

Well the band didn’t waste time finding a new bass player and this 4 track EP shows the didn’t miss a step as this is what you would expect from the band and believe me this is some strong material.

From the opener Paranormal Waves I wondered how if any there would be change in the sound but this starts out with a mid tempo feel to it but it goes insane a few more seconds in and yeah that bass sound is there like the earlier stuff so the band has not lost one bit of a feel to it! this crushes to the bone and has a great feel as it should.

And the madness continues on Uncontrolled Abjection, another kill track! lots of ripping guitar here as the band goes off full tilt, the only complain I have is the guitar could of been louder as it gets drowned out when it shouldn’t be but on to this instrumental I Origin here the bass playing of new member Jose Piutrin comes into full view and the man has this down to the bone and this ain’t bad of a track either as it’s catchy as hell.

We close off with The Médium and a beauty of a track as it has all the elements this band is known for a lot of powerful tempo changes that blend in well, so a hell of an EP that should please all the fans of this band, don’t know if this will be released in physical format as the band hasn’t said much about this, I thought it would be on their Bandcamp page but nothing.

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Here is the whole EP for your listening pleasure.

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