Repulsic – Flower of Carnage (2018)

Release date: June 24th, 2018
Label: I Hope You Die,Redrum Records,Headsplit Records

Kinda late for this one but I remember well as I was leaving Chile last year I was handed a flyer for this release and not much info on it but when I got back to the states I seen them for the first time on a live feed and noticed that these two guys in the band I had just seen in Drencrom so I watched this and was amazed on what this band was delivering and the feed being their first gig not many people there as they were the opening band so the place was kinda empty.

But onto this release all I can say is if you like Terrorizer this is a must because this 21 track opus is a gem,short tracks that will pound your brain to a tilt, I love this from start to finish not a dull moment for me as even the lyrical content is sick as well, was even surprised that Will Rahmer picked this up and released it on his label Redrum Records, so he knows what good shit is.

Since this release the band has put out a compilation called Birth with rehearsal and other stuff but looking forward to the next studio album,maybe will get one after the Drencrom album is released.

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