Repugnatory – Eterna Abominación (2022)

Release date: August 27th, 2022
Label: Independent

One of the more consistent bands on the scene, these guys put out albums right after the other this being the fourth and one of their best yet.

Ritual opens it up and this goes straight for the blasphemy that will be covered here, if you know this band by now you will hear that they use that same formula they been using on their music previously but here it sounds better the production is excellent! this track kills.

As Supremacía infernal sounding like a crusher from start this rides along with verocious power, its pure evil as it goes, the band is going off here. Viendo el cielo caer, have to love the titles on these and this is just right, the track has a great flow to it and leaving me with a vicious grin on me to this point. Dios muerto a little different than previous but gets better as it goes, the ending parts are really good, La voz de los espíritu is just an instrumental as filler as we get back to business on Conteplaras el horror a good driving track that fits in well on this release but it gets heavier on Espanto del más allá which is quite short but delivers the punch.

The title track to close and wouldn’t want it any other way as everybody is going off here as this is the longest track and everybody is taking a shot and a strange quick ending.

This has got to be my fvorite release by the band so far, as it’s well put together, all the tracks are composed right, just hoping sor a physicl copy in the future.


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