Rattenkrieg – No One Step Back (2018)

Release date:May 5th, 2018

Here is very interesting band I came across that really impressed me, to let you know they play thrash but with class as it’s all instrumental stuff with all kind of feeling to it as they try to revolve the music to the title of the track, worth checking out.

There are 10 tracks on here that all represent thrash in a very good way except maybe on the track Earthquake which is more of a slower track but I know what the band is trying to get through here with the music.

What I’m actually curious about if this an actual band or just a one man project as all the instruments are played like a veteran has done them and the production is good as well, and they have a few demos out as well as last years Final Solution demo is really good as well, something you can only checkout on their Bandcamp page as it’s the only place to get this material and nothing is mentioned about the actual band either just the releases.

I come across some other bands that have done projects like this but this one deserves a yell out as it really impressed the hell out of me some great tracks like Rattenkrieg, Satanism, Blinded by Hate and so on, check it out.


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