Putrid Coffin – Under the Cemetery (2016)

Putrid Coffin
Release date:March 15th, 2016

Here is a new death/thrash band I stumbled a long to find on Bandcamp,I looked around for more info but there is nothing else and the only way to hear it is on their page,I gave this a few listens before it sank in,we have seven tracks here.

Dark Master,opens this up with a fast pace and it caught my ear from the start,then the vocals come in and they ain’t bad, nothing new but it’s good for what it is and the screams on here are good as well the song keeps moving along with a good tempo all the way through.Utopian Tale is another strong number and on here, you can really notice the vocals anybody have any doubts,this guys english comes across like any veteran on the global scene and as far as the track it really ends strong,up next Coffin keeps this going an up to now this one has this strange vibe to it as it has a few tempo changes throughout it,I especially like the rhythm part when the lead comes in,it’s got this really heavy feeling to it that I really noticed. Flesh Hunter,up to this point is probably the heaviest when it comes to speed as it burst out right at you then this lead comes in to add to the pounding it has to offer,good all the way.Ancient Times,on this one the drums stand out from the beginning and a bit slow but then it starts ripping especially around the middle of this it gets really good but it threw me off with to many changes in the end,maybe it’s just me.Black Vomit Capitalism,I was wondering if there was any bass on here and I finally here it at the start and this one gave me a kind of black metal vibe but changed quickly as this turned out to be one of the best tracks on here and will probably be included on my next compilation.Destruction Feeling,ends this and it pounds from the beginning and the blasphemy spills out through the vocals as well as the whole track and will keep you wondering what more will come from this band.

It’s only been nine days since this was released (in time of writing) and I did some research on social media only thing I found was just a few posts and it was strange because only one was from Chile.I’m going to give them a yell and see what’s up,who knows this could be a one man project and the title might be strange as well because cemetery is misspelled to most but in the spanish way it has an n but why the rest in english? who knows.

But I will say this is a good release for what it has to offer the production is very good for a first release,anybody into this genre will love this,it’s got a lot of catchy parts to it.

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