Profanación Sepulcral – Diseminacion del Insulto Repulsivo (2021)

Profanación Sepulcral
Release date: May 10th, 2021
Label: Propagator Propaganda/Infernal South Productions/Sick Rites

Here we have this upcoming blackened thrash metal band, I had listened to their earlier demos and heard this was promising so it was delight to see this release and here the production has been upgraded so that adds to the fuel.

We get some earlier tracks with new life and some new, I have the Euro version of this and it includes two bonus live tracks, so onto this splatter.

With a gravedigging effect with ghouls in the background as the intro to Insoportable padecimiento agonico, this one of the new tracks featured and it pretty much one of those tracks that start with a heavy slow bashing sound before going off into a more aggressive feel and it does deliver, the drums on here are to the tilt!

And we get the same on Cruel nigromante, señor de la ira, and will say the lyrics that go with these songs are better than expected as they were written with detail one of the good aspects I caught on here and this track is gripping as well as fast and slow parts fill it, mean and dirty as hell. Delirio sardonico is the third and new final original track featured here and this one has a life of its own with the drums bringing the chaos at the start this has a great drive as it soars through with the band going off here and this would be my topper of the new tracks featured here.

Negra cuspide abrupta and Repulsiva visión are the last studio tracks on here that where previously released and have a new life here and the first one really shows why I when I first heard it the band caught my ear, its a has a great drive to it as all hell breaks loose as it does on the last one as well as it shows as this is a creeper I would say as it gets heavier as it storms on a great ending to this ritual.

The two live bonus tracks on here are the last songs featured in the studio part and I think they are different than the ones that where on the live demo and I only say that by the date they were recorded, but inclosing this is a pretty good EP as it delivers with high expected energy, I highly recommend it!

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