Praise the Flame – Manifest Rebellion (2015)

Praise the Flame
Release date:September 21st, 2015
Label:Memento Mori

For those that don’t know, Praise the Flame are a Death/Thrash band and a good one indeed,this is their first full length.

This starts out with Thanatognomonic a long intro but you barely notice because it’s a good build up to what this is album is going to bring.Fire Forces of Hate breaks in with the drums pounding then JJ’s vocals come in with a roar from hell,this is a killer opener for this opus that should please anybody into this genre.Manifest Rebellion this is a slow but evil sounding track but it builds up into a pounding that takes you on a ride of pure evil.The Burial Urns of Grief this number gets going from the start and has all kinda riffs that got my ass moving gotta love this one,a true blood churner here,up next Sepulchral Haze this is a kinda long track that has different tempo changes but they all fit in well through out the song,I like the change near the end it’s really catchy and evil sounding.Endless Scourge straight into the blast beat this one and you really got to read the lyrics to these songs on here they all fit this very well “The church of Christ,Burns once more” is what you get here.Venomous Tyranny one of the most chaotic tracks on here pure mayhem through the whole song even a little spanish thrown in,one of my favorites on here then Rise the Witchpower another ripper,seems they knew what they were doing when they laid the tracklist down because this just gets better with each track and the closer Cryptic Sovereign Death just makes this album full a great closer that has everything that was before into one last piece that fades out and makes you think what an ass kicking that was.

This full length is pure death thrash at it’s best and I highly recommend it,I won’t compare it to anybody but if you like the old stuff in this genre you will dig of the best releases of the year.


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