Praecognitvm – Oris Resolutio Somnum (2018)

Release date:July 2nd, 2018

Atmospheric Black Metal from this duo from Temuco,this is the band’s EP follow up from last years demo.

This has two long tracks of very deep sounding and with feeling to them as Alba Ruber In Agris opens up with a very out of this world feeling to it before it goes into a pure hellout pounding and it just soothes the soul to be honest it just gave me this feeling of being in an isolated state of pure freedom, as the track really has so many dimensions to it even the vocals are superb on here.

Exolvuntur Aeternam comes out a blazing, killer growl that blends in the moment giving it a more distinctive sound of aggression as it then comes down back to earth and that’s what I’m really liking about this because it keeps your mind glued to it and it gets better as it creeps back up, it’s over 10 min long there is alot going on but it never got boring that’s what really got me some bands will put out something this long and it will get boring,not here this is really special.

I’ll be honest I found out about this band through what the readers of the site are searching for so someone out there typed this in and I went to check it out and I’m glad I did and cheers!! to that person who did that cause I never thought I would be posting a band of this genre in here but I’m opened minded and this was an excellent addition to my mind.

As far as the band goes these two maniacs have a solid sound that plainly delivers the goods,give them a listen.

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