Perpetual Holocaust – Diabolical Miasmatorium Holocaust (Unreleased 2018)

Perpetual Holocaust
Release date: None
Label: None

I been in contact with Ariel (Vocals, Guitar) and he wanted me to put somethings on my channel and in the process he sent me these four tracks that were supposed to be on a split that never happened.

So for those who don’t know, these guys play Death Metal with a few releases out but nothing new out since 2017, so this is what was to follow but never seen the light of day and a shame as this is some pretty crushing shit.

Sepulchral Voice of Darkness opens this up and right from the start this comes in full force just straight out kill and just a mild tempo change where you hear the drums rolling and then some killer lead breaks in, the vocals are as good as you can get with this and from hearing they’re earlier material this band has gotten better with each release and this first number proves it.

This next track Necrophagus Communion has this hellish growl to start and more on the pounding edge in the beginning as the drive thickens as it goes along as the blast beats prove as they drive the track and gets more interesting near the end and the bass is really pounding as you can hear it perfectly on here and a nice lead thrown in at the end to finish it off.

And Macabre Evil Spirit, Well this one will put an onslaught on your soul, this just takes it up another notch as it has this chaotic feel to it, it honestly left me crushed, this track rules! heavy shit as good as it gets, I hope this makes it onto the next release and on to A Holocaust of Evil, with a more complex sounding riff at the start this has its own feeling, yes its heavy for sure as it has this creeping feel to it and gets even more insane as it goes, a strong closer.

Well lets just hope these tracks see the light of day on the bands debut, I posted this on my channel so give it a listen, Cheers!

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