Pentagram – Live & Reh. (Evil Past) 1985-1987 (2022)

Release date: 2022
Label: Deathrash Records

A nice compilation put out by this Colombian label, this is raw so don’t expect high quality here the first six tracks are from the infamous “Death Metal Holocaust” 1985 and the next part includes Instrumental Rehearsals from 1986 and they ain’t labeled on the package but once you hear it you will know what it is if your familiar with the band and the last part is live tracks from Manuel Plaza, Santiago de Chile 1987 which I think have been released before on cd.

This is for collectors only a nice package as well comes in a 7″ cardboard digi pack, my advice for if you want to purchase this get it from Warhemic Productions not off Ebay.

1.Fatal Predictions
2.Temple Of Perdition
3.Evil Incarnate
4.Summoned For The Grave
5.Invert The Cross
6.Throught The Cave
7.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
8.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
9.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
10.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
11.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
12.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
13.The Malefice
14.Demoniac Possession
16.Temple Of Perdition

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