Patron Mental – Criaturas sin Alma (2017)

Patron Mental
Release date:July 20th, 2017

Here we have this new Death/Thrash band from Valdivia and their first five track demo and it’s a very good one.

Intro – Ataque starts this off and right from the beginning you can feel the build up on what’s to come and here you can here the production here is excellent as all the instruments can be heard perfectly, but once it gets into it this has a great sound to it and the vocals are just perfect for this.lots of great energy in this whole track, an excellent opener.Dogmas de fe, more good here as the lyrics are really how people are these days but the music is just as tight with some killer ripping on here, another powerful track.Sedientos de Sangre, a little different than the previous as it has some slow parts thrown in but it does get heavy and when it does we hear some killer leads that make this a worthwhile listen and should not take anything away from this demo to this point.
Instinto Asesino, great stuff here as this has a driving feel to it and had me really glued to my headphones and you can tell what it’s about just with the title, killer lead in here as well, so we finish off with Inquisición and here the band goes off in a bit of a faster pace and there is this bass solo thrown in that really caught me as you will be able to hear it throughout the demo and left me wondering what’s to come.

On closing, this band has what could take them further, they have a unique sound most bands doing the genre coming out of the country don’t have, so I wouldn’t compare them to any other. I would highly recommend giving this a listen cause it sounds fresh.

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