Parkcrest – …and That Blue Will Turn to Red (2019)

Release date: October 21st, 2019
Label: Independent

Been awhile since this thrash outfits first full length and this was a surprise to me when I got contacted about it so I was all for it as I never got around to the first one.

This is one that got better the more spins I gave it as from the opener Impossible to Hide, comes out roaring with an old Kreator vibe but more modern with intense riffs that are out for business, this is some intense thrash the way it was meant to be played even the slight tempo changes here are excellent!

The production is perfect on here everything comes out crystal clear as you can hear all the instruments as it continues on Darkest Fear which is heavy but even gets more chaotic as it goes on, some flaming leads on here that will pound the brain in, Punished in Life, gotta love this one as the lyrics add to the pleasure of as it says things most can relate to and chants of (Egoist! Hypocrite!) well you know what I mean. another strong track to keep things going in the right direction.

Until this next one Possessed by God which has a whole different vibe as there is a lot of lyrical content on here that made the track seem kinda long but the bass guitar shines on here that made this one interesting that I would say is giving you a break as Midnight Chasm gets things back into a more aggressive mode, gotta love the galloping riffs in this one to add that old school feel to it as well as the leads and the drumming really stood out here for me,good shit indeed.

Dwelling of the Moonlights is an instrumental and I always loved them and this one is a ripper lotta catchy riffage and a few tempo changes to give it some feel and an all out assault in the end that really grabbed me, but this next one Hatred ‘Till Die is probably my favorite track on this whole thing as it simply shreds even with the short bass line thrown in and then all hell breaks loose as this is out to kill! a smashing track!

And it continues on Tired and Guilty a excellent! track full of destroying riffage and the leads on here will annihilate you, another strong number as we end it with the title track …and That Blue Will Turn to Red which mostly shows what the band has put out through this whole album as it fades away in the end.

This is thrash with class, a very good follow up to the debut and hopefully soon it will come out on a label as only digital exist at the moment but from what Javier Salgado (Guitars,Vocals) told me they are looking for a label and then it will be even more enjoyable when all the lyrics are available.

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