Overlord – Death of Nations (2015)

Release date:November 29th, 2015

Overlord (Death/Thrash) is a one man project (Flatuleitor) that has been around since 2010 and I remember following this band since the beginning and always noticed how every release took a step further into another dimension you could say,but as this release popped up I seen I had missed out on his last two previous releases which I will have to look into.

So I seen this and the prescription said melodic or progressive so I really just went into it with an open mind,Death of Nations the title track opens this up and from the opening riff it kinda had a Voivod feel but that didn’t last long as the song gets very heavy but has some mid tempo stuff thrown in as well it’s a long track 7+ min so there is a lot in here but it all fits in well,up next Liberal Dystopia this is a pretty heavy thrasher that should get anybody moving,great guitar work on here, leads that drive your blood,good shit! Levels of Reality is another good thrasher with another Voivod feel to it.Bringer of Pain and Madness this song kinda slowed the pace down for me but near the end the track really gets heavy as hell,reminded me of some Agressor (FR).Individuality is about the weakest track on here,just didn’t have that grab.Interlude: Perspectives is a short guitar instrumental that goes into Misery and Rebellion which is another instrumental but one of the best tracks on here all well composed,Flatuleitor’s playing really comes out on this as well a very long track but I love it everything on here is over five min so if your into those 2 to 3 min songs this might not be for you.Internal Civilizations is the closer on here which has that drive in the beginning but then slows down to start up again and then just fades out.

I admit this won’t be for everybody but it has it’s high’s and low’s but more high’s as you might need a few listens for this to really grab you,as the title of this blog is EXTREME that is all I review in here and this fits the topic,my advice is checkout the older stuff here and it is all downloadable and Flatuleitor’s blog here.

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