Oppositor – Progresión a la Perversión (2020)

Release date: November 28th, 2020
Label: Three Metal Forces Distro/Ten-Cai Records

Well its been a while since I heard from these guys and their EP from 2016 really impressed me so I been waiting for this the first things I noticed the production on here is more clearer than before and they have a new vocalist.

So from the start Hordas Putrefactas is heavy as hell and the aggression is impressive as this tears in then a more slower tempo comes in but some great solos thrown in and gets heavier again to finish it off, Cristianofobia has a more mid tempo start but it has a very catchy feel to it, its death thrash and comes with that certain punch the track has more drive as it goes on and I like break near the end when the solo breaks in and gives this glorious end.

Siete Craneos has this really twisted feel to it as the guitar riff that drives this really stuck to my head but then a break comes in and this really sweet lead comes in and the vocals take a step up, then a harder drives comes in with another lead thrown in that gave the track a good end.

(Interludio) Asmodea is just some fill before we get back into it on Orgasmic Death from what I hear is the only track sung in English and it gets right to the point as goes into head crushing vibe then a great part thrown in that slows the track down but its fucking heavy then it goes off again, good shit!

H.L.L. is one of the best tracks on here dedicated to the serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, this goes right for the throat right from the start and doesn’t let go, a total onslaught as all cylinders are at full force even with a minor break this hits the spot.

We finish with Historias Silenciadas and another pounder of a track with some killer tempo changes as it has a great vibe to it as the band really goes off here an excellent way to end this.

A solid release I would say something deaththrashers out there should give a listen to.

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H.L.L. (Promo Video)

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