Oldeath – Born Between All Death (2019)

Release date: November 9th, 2019
Label: Oratorivm Records

Here is a new band on the scene and remember the name Oldeath because this first demo is pretty impressive as it has an old school vibe to it.

Unholy Profanation opens this up and I was impressed by the sound as they are labeled as a Black metal band but there sound has more of a kick to it as like I said before old school is written all over this first track, the vocals are definitely on the dark side and will grip you but the music is excellent as it has these great hooks to it, I was quite surprised on how good this is and the cringing lead that sounds like an echo from hell and a nice ending as well.

So on to this next one Involuntary Blasphemer which keeps up the good vibe, I’m hearing as this doesn’t disappoint either and the vocals are heard crystal clear here and sick, by the way the drumming on here adds to the goods, fantastic job as they put the drive into this track, up next Celestial Massacre and with a bassline opening this of the four tracks I had to hear a few times before it finally set in and it will grab you no doubt as its got this really good pace to it with a pounding break to ad to the flare but gets back to its drive but it has another break in it as this is quite a long track compared to the others so there is a lot going on here.

Time to Die closes this out and it’s a good one with a great spoken part full of hate just the way it should be and will leave you wanting more as it comes and goes that fast, I would recommend giving this a listen as the band play black metal with their own style to it and it will grab you.

This was just re released by Oratorivm Records on tape and only 100 copies were made so get a hold of them for a copy.

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