Nuclear Fire – Peligro de Extinción (2022)

Nuclear Fire
Release date: January 14th, 2022
Label: Independent

Some Thrash up this time, and this is a new band with its first EP release, and this sung in Spanish just to let you know but that makes no difference as the message they write about comes in clear, and the lyrical content is mostly about current situations and that sort of stuff.

They say they take inspiration from the Bay Area scene of the past but for me this sounds like pure Chilean thrash which is fine by me. They have all the elements needed in their sound from the crunchy riffage to some blazing guitar solos that really hit the spot and a lot of feeling to the tracks presented here.

This is a band you need to be on the lookout in the future as they seem to be determined to make waves in the future and are looking for a label to put this out, so take note, I personally think it’s a solid release so get a copy on their Bandcamp for free.

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