Nigromancia – Hidden Rituals (2021)

Release date: August 15th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Here we have this new death thrash outfit and their first release an EP of six tracks that will devastate you, this is one of those releases that hit me full force the first time I heard it.

From the opening of Necromancy it came across with an old school feel and what else really is good are the vocals very distinctive compared to most on the scene yes, they rule! a killer opener that goes directly into Vomiting Death and with some heavy riffage at the start this thing gets better as it goes the pounding on here is just right, even with the slight tempo change thrown in this cuts deep.

A bit different at the start of Hidden Rituals but it’s another killer as the motions it takes you through are hell filled with intensity, I really enjoyed this one, its quick and short and to the point as we roll onto Only Death Is Real and here I hear that classic Swedish death metal tone and another dimension of the band is felt as well, some killer shit!

Heavy pounding start on Voices from the Underworld but then the bashing begins as this will sweep you off your ass, with some great hooks in here this never really lets up of you, and to close Flame of Death and no let down at all this has all the goods injected into it and weird how it Justs stops, and a bass solo rides it out.

All I can say of all the new bands I heard this year this band is the one that takes the reign this opus will slay you, highly recommended!!

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