News – May (2022)

As you can see Atomic Aggressor has been added to the lineup of this year’s Destroying Texas Fest and a very impressive lineup.

And as I mentioned in my Poltergeist review here is the DVD in full version.

As well Torturer has redone a video for their classic “Kingdom of the Dark”.

A new Oldeath full length is set to be released in July on Oratorivm Records.

And in closing to my subscribers sorry for the updates not going out as it was set on off for some reason and check your spam folder as well and I don’t know how long this website will last, just feel like I’m losing the flame to do this anymore.

2 thoughts on “News – May (2022)”

  1. Please don’t stop! This site rules.
    If you need any help I’d love to offer it (I’m not from Chile, just obssessed with their Metal).

  2. No need to be from Chile my friend, can I use the email you used on here to get a hold of you and give further info?

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