News – March 2021

Just got some news of some up coming releases that should be on the look out later this year like a new EP from Black Ceremonial Kult to be released June 14, 2021 on Godz Ov War Productions also Concilivm and Nox Terror coming soon, (previews below)

I also have the new Sick Violence coming in, I’ll post a few tracks on here when I get it and Pull The Plug Patches has an official Unaussprechlichen Kulten patch you can order here. and a few good reissues on cd like the first two Vomit demos on cd released by Tenebrous Aberrations PRODS which you can order here and Lux Nigrum, first EP on Azermedoth Records here. and the last bit of news Black Grail fucked up and put its latest up by mistake on Bandcamp and they took it down but I have it so you will hear about it soon.

I’ll be posting some releases from last year and later as I’m always discovering new material that needs to be heard and if you want to contribute to this site or have any ideas just let me know and bands and labels send in promo flyers for up coming releases to be posted here.


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