Nemesis – Nemesis (2016)

Release date:October 2016

Well by the cover you can tell this is a thrash band and what I was shocked to see from the info I read is that they been around since 1996 and this the only release they have put out and it’s a EP of five tracks with an intro,so let’s dissect this slab of thrash.

Playing Godis the intro that leads into Mind Destructive and just by the pounding drum beat at the beginning you can hear this going to lead into something good and believe me it does,this is some driving shit that grabs you by the balls right from the start,the vocals are perfect for this as well a pure hard driver to your skull, you could say,a perfect opener no doubt.Nemesis,more sinister vibes on this one as well,very intense tune that keeps your blood pumping and some tremendous leads that add to the fuel,Psycho (About on Fire) this one might change the pace but not really as this one I really enjoyed with these cynical breaks with some cool leads that break in some killer shit in deed and fits in well with the title as song is whacked in it’s own good way.Perish in Flames,awesome mean sounding riffage in the beginning,but yeah this is the weaker of all the tracks on some points but not a bring down at all because at the end it rips in a great chaotic way.The Moment closes this out and the opening riff reminded me of Motorbreath by Metallica but that’s only for a few seconds as the track has a life of it’s own,with a lot of that galloping kind of riffage and what makes this even more different is there is a spoken part in here that then comes this killer scream plus the final parts are really catchy and interesting as well, a good closer.

The question is why did it take this band so long to put something out as this is an excellent release and I highly recommend it that’s if you can get a copy so you will have to write them and see if they have any left.


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