Nekromio – Paraphilia (2020)

Release date: April 14th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Death Metal band that hit the scene last year with an impressive demo and left me wondering what was to come as this new one is something I had to checkout as they have gotten stronger on this release, four new tracks with an intro and this is pure Chilean death metal at its finest.

From Extirpación this is out to kill! as this wicked scream comes in and we are on our way to a tortures filled track of pure aggression to set the pace and it never stops and even the breakdown crushes as the vocals are fucking insane filled with pure vengeance and it continues on Configuración De Los Lamentos as this is packs an even more bite to it the lead on here is just a grinder and filled with a powerful punch that is out to fuck you up.

Nabucodonosor ll will have your blood pounding this just adds to the crushing this band has set out to do, the insanity on here is as good as it gets and even the fast pace towards the end is just insane, Nekrodios Putrefactor closes this out and a bit of a change but still killer the drumming on here is sick as hell as the mayhem really never stops as this one has a crunchy pace to it but it does its deed as you can hear the band really has a great drive going here, and you got to love the part the bass sticks out, a great closer to a hell of a demo.

This is a must hear to be honest as this will please anybody into death metal with an attitude and for a demo the production is as good as it gets and they way the vocalist hits the highs and lows is perfect, go check this out!

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