Negative Or Nothing – Drowned (2020)

Negative Or Nothing
Release date: October 28th, 2020
Label: Careless Records

Here is an interesting piece of Black Metal the band sent me, this being the bands second full length, I dug into it and this isn’t bad at all.

From the opening track VMBRA you can hear these chaotic vocals that go with this fast dark vibe and as the pace slows it gets even more dark but it builds up as it goes as the track has a lot of great points in it as it keeps the listener tuned in, a strong opener.

One thing that really caught my ear to this point is there is some killer riffage on here, Animadversio is a bit more different as it has more of a dark feeling to it but it carries well with the flow of things and shows another side of the band.

And it continues on Insomnvs, this is even more out there with this hypnotic riff that covers most of the track, it takes you on a ride as it has some great hooks to it even as it has this total change at the end it still delivers the punch.

Anomia is just some dark evil sounds that lead up to Mersvs. which is chaotic from the screams of hell that appear and then the band goes full out, but with more feeling as a lot of slow depressive mode comes to light as you listen to it.

The closer Intransitive has a more faster pace to it as what the band has delivered earlier is here, and you can hear all kinds of stuff as this is almost 10 minutes long and a good way to end this ritual.

Something you should give a listen to if this is your cup of tea.

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