Nefast MCMLXXIX – Ad Infernum, Somnia (2022)

Release date: February 28th, 2022
Label: Oratorivm Records

Back to some Black Metal this time the first full length by the band and with all the black metal coming out of the country I can actually say there is something in this genre for every one being it raw, atmospheric, depressive, etc. but back to this and remembering the demo from a few years ago this is a bit different as the band sound rawer now.

And to start Symphonia Impiorum Noctis this just an intro that is quite lengthy on first listen it had me looking behind my back and if that was the intention I guess it worked 🙂

A Flame for Impure comes in with a heavy feeling to it as the vocals break in, some good evil sounding as well and a faster drive develops as the snare picks up the beat and then the track goes off in all kind of ways. took me a few listens to grab me to be real.

On Tuorum mplacabilis dolor things get more intense as this steam rolls from the start and with a different feel as the guitar is more in control as it goes, definetly riding high through most of the encounter on here to make it more enjoyable and one of the better tracks on here, Maledictus eris ex fide brings another feel to this as it has a slower pace but still has a evil vibe to it, the vocals really shine on here as they over power most of the track and a silent break comes out of nowhere near the end that breaks into a powerful ending.

Sheol which closes the musical part of this is a horror filled composition which brings out all the good in the band, sick ass vocals the drive is intense in some parts but it calms down just to go at it again and it ends with no fadeing as the closng outro Consecration of Funest Dreams comes in to put this ritual to an end.

One of those albums you can listen to as many times and always hear something new is the only way I can put it.


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