Nar Mattaru – Proclamation of the Veils of the Negative Existence (The Ascension) (2022)

Nar Mattaru
Release date: March 23rd, 2022
Label: Total Death over Mexico

One of the most interesting Death Metal bands on the scene as they always bring something new to the table, and the title and artwork pretty much gives you a feeling to expect some wild things going on here.

So, let’s get into it and from the start of Evolution – Involution Pt. I you hear sitars playing which for me it was great as I always found pleasure in that sound and when the band comes in, they have a monstrous sound that is crushing as hell, as the vocal work laid here is bombastic, the track is slow and powerful to the bone.

Ascension, gets us back to pure death metal as this has the speed and hammering most want and some sick vocals with some torturous vocals that add to the blend here, the slower tempo here really gives a hellish feeling.

One thing I will say these are not your typical short tracks they are long as My Angel of my Dark Desires is over 7+ minutes long but nothing wrong with that if the composition is well written, as it is here. Litanies to Darkness, has a slower feel to it but has a haunting feel to it as it might drag to some, but the feeling is eerie.

Evolution – Involution Pt. II, the continuing part is more laid back as some heavy riffage, and sick yells dominate this, the ending is raw as hell, I, Son of Azagthot closes this out in true spirit as the band belts it out here in the only way to finish this opus out with the sitar sending us our way.

A hell of an album, one of the best I heard so far this year, highly recommended.


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